TORI Bella' is an Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Owner, CEO and Founder of noTORIous
Secrets/Silky Sheer Productions
.  Her concept and ideas when choosing a name for her company was to
keep it ‘sexy and feminine’.  
TORI Bella' started her company due to her deep passion for music especially
Songwriting.  All  the songs that you listen to are written by
TORI Bella'.  They're original and ‘home grown’.  It
started with people around Philadelphia who heard that she was a Singer and Songwriter, and they started
TORI to come into the studio to record a song or sing on a hook for them.  Let’s just say, things started
falling into place and
TORI Bella' says, “when you have a ‘dream’, I believe you never really see the
entire picture until it starts happening”
.  So, she started doing her own music.  TORI Bella' did shows
in and around Philly, and after working in Radio and TV for awhile, she decided that her passion for music was
much greater.  With the suggestion of a fellow musician from Chicago, via a friend of a friend, he told
that it would be significant if she had a name for her company.  Of course she did her research, and she
wanted to incorporate her name within that name.  
TORI Bella' came up with noTORIous Secrets/Silky
Sheer Productions
.  TORI Bella' says, “I can thank my friends for this one.  They are the ones
who made the name
noTORIous stick.  To this day, everybody either calls me Bella', noTORIous
or just TOR"
TORI Bella', the most noTORIous Artist, Singer and Songwriter to come out of Philadelphia, PA.  
After receiving a call at midnight by another Philly artist, who was signed to a West Coast label, he asked her if
she would come into the studio to record a song.  Word does travel fast around Philly.  And, he heard about the
then (
TORI Lynn now known as TORI Bella') through a friend of a friend who introduced them.  That friend
told him about her dynamic writing skills, ability to come up with hooks, and that she could freestyle an entire
song.  He was sold on her talent.  Growing up in a home where music was played 24/7,
TORI Bella's musical
taste came from listening to everyone from Chaka Khan to Minnie Riperton, and of course,
TORI Bella's
favorite, Sade.  This West Philadelphia native in her own right is no stranger to the stage or mic.  
TORI Bella'
has graced many stages in and around Philly from being the Opening act for CeCe Peniston at the Trocedero,
South Street Blues, Club Dances, Silk City, Club LaPointe, the Apollo, Nu-Star, Middle East Club, PAL, Million
Artist March, The CW Philly, and the cable TV show In Motion, just to name a few.  In addition to the stage,
TORI Bella' appeared in TV commercials for Philly's Melrose Diner, Cinemax and HBO.  And than, along came
Radio.  Songs in which
TORI Bella' sang and wrote from her first album noTORIous Secrets received airplay
{If I Could Capture Time} and {Listening To The Rain} on WUSL and WIOQ in Philadelphia.  Also
Lincoln University, WENN in Birmingham, AL as well as her songs {
Diggitt} and {Heated Groove} on WUSL
in Philadelphia.  And, if by chance you missed any of her live shows, it is definitely something you cannot afford
to miss in the future.  This phenomenal Artist, Singer and Songwriter financed and worked together with Tower
Records (South Street) in Philadelphia, and the Sound of Market to put out her first EP CD titled
which sold out in stores in Philly.  TORI Bella' mentioned to me that the first album noTORIous
, and second album TORIOT are very different albums.  “On the noTORIous Secrets album, I worked
with producer Dodd Stocker-Edwards who did the track for
“I Wanna Go Under”.  As we speak, and to this
day, everybody still loves that song.  It's a favorite on iTunes.  The second album
TORIOT, I worked with Cee
Knowledge, Doodlebug from Digable Planets, and producer Kasar Tha Star who I met through Cee
TORI Bella's third album titled SPLENDID is due to be released 2015.
TORI Bella' gave me a little insight on what we can expect.  “It's my ‘truth’ album.  A new look, and I’m just
excited for everybody to hear it".                                                                                                                                            
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TORI Bella'
noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer Productions
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photos is a violation of applicable law.  All song lyrics written and arranged by
TORI Bella' of noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer Productions.
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TORI, after working in Radio and TV for sometime, do you believe that it was all preparation for doing Music
today?  And, if you had to choose, would you choose Radio and TV or Music?  
"Guess you could call it
prep time.  When I worked in Radio and TV, I loved it.  It was fast-paced, and no two days
were the same.  That's what I loved about the job.  Met a lot of interesting people, but the
most important thing I learned was seeing first hand how Radio and TV are run behind the
scenes on a daily basis.  Learning about any place I ever worked, and that particular
business in general fascinated me.  I just applied what I would change, and used that for my
Music Production company.  Oh yeah, at the end of the day, I will always choose Music".
Radio vs Music
Come Inside (Baby)
(610) 809-8115
TORI Bella', after doing my research about you, and
from what I understand, you had a Rap Group?  Is that
"I see you did your homework.  Yes and
no.  I didn't actually have a Rap Group.  A
friend of mine was the Producer of this Rap
Group in Oakland, California.  He asked me if
I would like to be apart of their project at the
time.  I was the Executive Producer of the
project.  The group was called African
Identity.  Those guys are like my little
brothers.  They had a lot of airplay in the Bay
area, and made a name for themselves.  I was
honored to have the opportunity to be apart of
it.  I remember we all met up in Cali, hung out,
went shopping, partied, went sight seeing,
and I felt like I knew those guys for years".
TORI Bella's California Love
Music Producer and friend Keath and TORI Bella' had a Rap
Group out of Oakland, California called African Identity.  Now
back together in Philly, they're working on TORI Bella's 3rd
Album called SPLENDID.
TORI Bella'