TORI Bella's love of Music and Songwriting all started with
Poetry.  It all began with her love of Langston Hughes, her favorite
Poet, and a Haiku.  After falling in love with Mr. Hughes work, she
started writing her own Poetry.  
"When I was a kid, I use to write
all the time.  Thinking back on it now, that's all I ever did with my
One of her teachers in school, told her to continue writing
because he saw her enormous potential.  
"My teacher, Mr. Fabian
would make me enter these Poetry contest all the time.  Never
understood it because I never won any of them.  But, for some
reason, I believe that was his intention all along - just to see how
far I could go with it.  The lesson I believe now that he was trying
to show me back then was to motivate me.  Truly believe it was not
all about winning so much as keeping at something that you were
naturally good at, and not giving up, and if you stuck with some-
thing long enough, in time, it would pay off.  He would tell me all
the time, here's a contest I want you to enter. Honestly, it would
annoy me, but I would just start writing and kept at it.  Never knew
why he pushed me so hard all the time.  Glad he did push me.  Mr.
Fabian was my biggest supporter, biggest influence, biggest
cheer- leader, and because of that one teacher, I am now writing
Songs, and recording them.  Who knew?."
Always wanted to ask this question.  TOR, what is your Songwriting
process like when you start writing a Song?  Is there a particular
place where you like to go to write?  And, is there a "must have" like
say candles, complete quiet, soft Music playing in the background?  
Do you have a certain room where you like go?
 "My process - well,
I only write Songs when I have something to say, and when I'm
feeling it.  For instance - if I have something on my mind, and I get
hyped about it, I'm writing about it.  If what I have to say doesn't
come easy for me to write, I won't force it.  It has to just flow.  And
if not, I'll put the pen and paper away until it comes to me.  Also,
the Song- writing process usually goes in spurts for me.  There
may be a time where I'll go crazy writing a ton of Songs, then all
of a sudden, nothing will come out at all.  Is there a particular
place?  No, not really.  A long time ago, my thing was writing
Songs sitting on the floor in my living room.  It gave me a lot of
space to spread my papers everywhere.  Plus, that's the biggest
room, that's why I did it that way.  Now, I write Songs everywhere.  
In the car, record ideas so I can come back to them later.  But, at
the end of the day, I always end up in the living room for some
reason {lol}.  You asked about a quiet place?  Is there such a
place?  Basically, I just tune everything and everybody out, and
start writing."
TORI Bella' is the Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Owner, CEO and Founder of noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer Productions.  
Her concept, and ideas when choosing a name for her company was to keep everything ‘sexy and feminine’.  
TORI Bella' started
her company due to her passion for Music, especially Songwriting.  All of the songs that you hear are written and arranged by

TORI Bella
'.  They are original, home grown, and it all comes from Philadelphia, PA.  It all started with people around Philly
who heard about her being a Singer and Songwriter.  And, that she could also freestyle an entire Song and Hook.  The calls started
pouring in for her to go into the studio to record songs or sing on hooks.  Let’s just say, things started falling into place, and
decided to start doing her own music.  TORI Bella' began doing shows in and around Philly, and after working in Radio
and TV for awhile, she decided that her passion for Music was much greater.  With the suggestion of a fellow musician from
Chicago, via a friend of a friend, he told
TORI Bella' that it would be significant if she had a name for her company.  Of course,
doing her research, she came up with
noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer Productions.  TORI Bella' says, “I had to come up with
something creative.  Honestly, I can thank my friends for this one.  They are the ones who made me think outside of the box,
and the name no
TORIous just stuck.  To this day, everybody still calls me either TOR, noTORIous or just Bella'."
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So TOR, who is that one person, that most people tell you that you
sound like?  What's your style/genre of Music?  And, who would you
say is your favorite Singer?  
"A lot of people tell me that I have that
Neo Soul vibe.  You know, kind of chill, cool, laid back sound.
Believe everybody hears something different.  Let me tell you this
story real quick.  I was singing at a private event, and one guy in
particular came up to me and said that I sound a lot like a Jazz
Singer.  He mentioned this lady, who is a Jazz Singer, but I don't
remember her name.  He said, I sound just like her.  Basically, my
voice goes really deep, and at times I will hit a high note.  When
you hear my Music, I believe you have to decide for yourself who I
sound like.  But honestly, I have to say, I sound like myself
{smiles}.  As far as my genre of Music?  Let's just say I'm testing
some new waters as we speak, and that will be changing real
soon.  And, my favorite Singer - it's Sade, all day."
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