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The Artist, Singer and Songwriter!  TORI Bella's love of Music and Songwriting all started with Poetry.  It all began with her love of Langston Hughes, her favorite Poet, and of course, a Haiku.  After falling in love with Mr. Hughes work, TORI Bella' started writing her own Poetry.  "When I was a kid, I use to write all the time.  Thinking back on it now, that's all I ever did with my time."  One of her teachers in school, use to encourage her to enter Poetry contest.  She never understood why back then because as TORI Bella' tells us, "I never won any of those contests.  But, for some reason, I believe that was his intention all along - just to see how far I could go with it.  The lesson he was trying to teach me, was to motivate me.  He would tell me all the time, here's a contest I want you to enter.  Honestly, it would annoy me, but I would just start writing and kept at it.  Never knew why he pushed me so hard all the time.  Glad he did push me.  Mr. Fabian was my biggest supporter, biggest influence, biggest cheerleader, and because of that one teacher, I am now writing my own Songs and Recording them now."

TORI Bella' sounds like?  Some have said she has Neo Soul vibe, and others say more of a Jazz type sound. "Well, a lot of people tell me that I have this chill, cool, laid back sound.  Quick story.  I was singing at an event, and this guy came up to me and said I sound a lot like this Jazz Singer.  Can't remember her name, but that was a great compliment."

 TORI Bella' Old CD Cover

 In 1998, TORI Bella' was the opening act for CeCe Peniston and Kevin Aviance at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA.  As an Independent Artist at that time who had no record deal - well, I just had to ask.  How does that happen?  How did that all come about since you were an unsigned artist?  Did you have management at that time?  What was that entire experience like for you?

"Well, when I meet people and start talking to them - somewhere along that conversation we tend to click.  You know.  Become cool, and we end up as friends.  Honestly, I can't tell you how that happens, but it does for some reason.  So, the story.  Someone that I knew was having an event.  I go to this event.  Someone introduced me to this guy who had a production company.  We started talking about everything.  You know, small talk and we started talking about the Music Business and Entertainment.  He told me who he was, what his company does, and I told him what I do.  We talked for about two hours.  After that conversation, he wanted to exchange information to keep in touch.  About a week or so goes by, and he calls me.  He says to me.  Hey girl!  Listen, I'm having a show, Penn Relay weekend and would like you to perform.  It's going to be at the Troc, and you'll open for CeCe Peniston and Kevin Aviance.  When he said that, I almost fell on the floor.  When he first said it.  I didn't believe him.  But of course, I said yes!  As far as management.  I never had management.  Awhile back, someone that I knew (from my Radio and TV days) told me that this band was looking for a female singer.  I went to audition.  Got the gig, met the band members, and that band never got off the ground.  So, from that point on, I kept it moving and never looked back.  Every show that I did going forward - someone either knew me, contacted me directly or I would call them personally on my own.  Basically, I manage myself.  When I want things done, I do them.  The Troc show was great by the way!  That place was packed and I believe it was a sold out show".

TORI Bella' NYE 2015

noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer Productions

TORI Bella' is the Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Owner, CEO and Founder of noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer ProductionsTORI Bella' started her company due to her passion for Music, especially Songwriting.  The Poetry that turned into Songs, began in 1980.  And, the Songs that you hear today, are all written and arranged by TORI Bella'.  Nothing but original, homegrown Lyrics, and it all comes from Philadelphia, PA.

TORI Bella's concept and ideas when choosing a name for her company was to keep everything 'sexy, yet feminine'.  With the suggestion from a fellow musician from Chicago, via a friend of a friend from Philly, he told TORI Bella' that it was important to choose a name that was easy for people to remember.  TORI Bella' of course, always doing her research, came up with noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer ProductionsTORI says, "I had to come up with something creative.  So, I went to the Free Library of Philadelphia on Vine Street, and sat there researching the name because there were other similar company names, and I wasn't leaving that library until I found the perfect fit.  After that, I started calling myself noTORIous.  Then, I called and set up a meeting with an Entertainment Attorney, and he told me that if another artist is using that same/similar name, and they're getting more work, etc, that I would have to change my name.  So, I kept noTORIous Secrets/Silky Sheer Productions as my company name, and changed my stage name which was TORI Lynn at that time.  And, of course, I changed my stage name again in 2006 to TORI Bella', so it that's it".


TORI Bella' Winter Hat

Miss Social Butterfly

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TORI Bella' Going To The Studio

What's New and Next!

TORI Bella' is in the Studio recording her first two singles!  She is working on New Music, and collaborating with a New, and very Talented Music Producer from Philadelphia, PA  TORI has a New Sound, and is working on a New Genre of Music!


TORI Bella' Soul Brotha' Video

New Music Release Date Coming Soon!




 Soul Brotha' Video courtesy of Bill Haley of Allied Pixel and Brian Connor.

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